• Valerie
  • He can be scary...
  • ...But he can be cute as well

Name: Valerie Geidt (or just "Val")

Species: Vengeful spirit (former human)

Appearance: Black hair, very pale white skin, bright blue eyes, quite handsome in life. When angered or using his power, his eyes turn red.

Personality: He is a sociopath by definition and has a built-up hatred for mid- to post-teen girls, since he was murdered by one. He maintains an emotionless fade, but abruptly lashes out at the smallest provocation. Back when he was alive, he was very charismatic and charming, so he had lots of 'followers'--and plenty of admirers, due to his good looks. When he died he became confused and angry, and not at all his former self. Valerie spends a lot of his time in the dark forest or in otherwise dark places, because this is where he is most powerful.

Past: He was murdered violently in the back-alley-type area of town and was brought back from the afterlife by his seething anger. The murderer was in fact a girl who had a crush on him for years without him returning her affections. She couldn't take the idea of him not loving her back, so she killed him and then herself so they could be togethr in death, if not in life. However they were obviously not fated to be together because while she moved into the Netherworld, Valerie came back as a ghost. He wants to get revenge on the girl who killed him, but since she's already dead, he cannot be at peace (seeing as he wanted to do it himself).

Fun fact: Valerie used to get teased for having a girl's name. The teasing stopped after a couple of "accidents" and a few disappearing animals.


Invisibility: Valerie can fade out of sight and become a shadow. This shadow can be shaped like anything (eg. a desk lamp) but it cannot completely fade.

Dark Aura: When angered, Valerie releases a flaming aura of rage that strikes mad terror into the hearts of nearby creatures. Most effective on humans, but works well enough on youkai and gods as well.

Telekinesis: Valerie is a poltergeist of sorts, and so can manipulate objects within a 5-meter radius. At night, or when it gets dark, this range can increase. Living creatures aren't able to be manipulated by this power.

Intangibility: He can pass through solid matter with ease, but his status as a poltergeist allows his to make contact with them as well. He cannot go below sea level with this power (so basically he just can't tunnel unless there is something like a basement below him).

Flight: He can hover above ground and fly. However, he cannot go above the clouds by flying.

Owned by Kogata (talk). I hope to RP with you guys soon!