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  • Rosecloud


    January 29, 2012 by Rosecloud

    ATTENTION! IMA CHANGE AIRI'S PICS! (well some of them..) DA END! BAI!

    "every day im shuffling.."

    ۞Genevieve BTA...Don't die...۞ 01:42, January 29, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Rosecloud

    heyy~! listen i have an idea..:

    we make a character and that characters name is our first name. You are not allowed to put that character open for rp. they can be a goddess or anything else.. JUST HAVE FUN! :D

    (credit to blacky for making a character that is blacky's first name.)

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  • Rosecloud

    Guys... all of this about BTA dying.... it is just making me said... i cant stand it.... reason why; LINE OF CANCER: my great aunt, my gandpa, AND NOW BTA~! DDDDD: it is to sad.. i am just about to cry.... please.. it is making me sad... i hate it when people have cancer, dying, really sick, ect. IT MAKES ME SAD. SAD SAD SAD SAD SAD. SADNESS IS A FEELING I WISH I NEVER FELT. please dont die BTA, you are to nice of a person to die... :(

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  • Rosecloud

    Really Bad News

    January 7, 2012 by Rosecloud

    Hey guys. Firestar here. and i am really sad right now. why? my grandpa has cancer. and my mom is really sad about it. I need to be there for her. so i might be inactive. I'm sorry guys... I will be on a little bit.. sorry.


    P.S. And i have a great aunt that has cancer, so i am having a really rough time. :'( and i've had a few pets die... they were so cute and i loved them VERY much.

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  • Rosecloud


    December 27, 2011 by Rosecloud

    Me: HEY YOU!!!

    You: who me?

    Me: YA YOU

    You: oh what?


    Listen people of BTG, i think i might leave this wiki but i wil be on other wikis. I have been REALLY ticked off by someone on this wiki. and i know that person in real life. X( SO THAT MAKES ME REEAAALLLY MAD! and sad but i forgive them. :)

    so it is said, i might leave. NOW FOR MY OPINION ON U PEOPLE!!

    BTA- DUDE, You are awesome, WAY TO AWESOME FOR WORDS!! you are funny, cool, and AWSESOME! a realllllyyy good friend.

    Bluee- YOU BLOW THE ROOF OFF THIS PLACE! you too are like bta! i could go on discribing you, but i gotta save room for others! XD a really good friend.

    Greeny- Dude, THE BIG BOSS! YOU ARE SOO COOL! a really good friend

    Blacky- Go back to the…

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