"War Preparations"is the name of the next instalment in the White-Out Cycle.

I still can't spell instalment. T_T

Anyhoo, I've completely lost track of who's in this one. Kind of sad, really.

Warning! Slight spoilers ahead!

So this one will probably be quite short, but there will be a lot of characters. It will be about preparing for the fight against Hinikuna, and it'll be a big thing, so yeah.

The one after "War Preparations" will be the first part of the Three-Part Final. In each of the parts of the final, there will be a huge battle, each against a different God. I would really like it if there were different characters involved in each battle, so don't try to squeeze all the characters I have promised you into one thing.

The reason I have decided to post this potential spoiler is because I want to know which characters you would like in each one. I have made a page for that, and it is linked here.

Go there to add your characters. Remember, if you don't add your characters, they won't be in the instalment at all, so make sure you do that. If not, prepare to be disappointed.

I think that's all for now.

Tea is British.


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