Happy Birthday to me~ happy birthday to me~ happy birthday, Kogata~ Happy birthday to me~

Haha that sounded forever alone-ish

Anyway, I know you guys probably don't really need to know what's going on in my life, but I'll tell you what I got for my special day anyway.

1. $50 from my uncle

2. Death Note volume 7 and 8

3. A FREAKING KEYBOARD (It's ah-may-zing, has a million settings)

4. An iPod (so I don't have to steal my brother's all the time)


6. A retty red book that I'll use as my journal from now on

7. This

And no party!! I asked to not have one because I don't know my friends at my new school well enough to invite them over XD Also I'm antisocial

My meaningless ramble for today~!

Tea is British,


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