Hehehe~ Time to spread today's words of wisdom.

So this morning me and my brother were watching "musical autopsy of one direction", which is pretty much some guy commenting on One Direction and analysing what they do, etc. etc. It's really very funny, you should watch it sometime ^^

Anyway, the guy was saying that 1D is clearly creating songs that are DESIGNED to make girls fall in love with them. For example, with the lyrics of their song 'you don't know you're beautiful' is made for their fans to pretend that they are the girl 1D is referring to, so they can be involved in some sort of imaginary boy band reverse harem.

So I was explaining this concept to my mum, and this is how the conversation ended up going:

Mum: "So this song is meant to appeal to 'plain Janes'."

Bro: "Pretty much."

Me: "It's meant to make plain girls feel like they are stunning, so in turn they can be stunning so 1D gets all the attractive females in their fanbase."

Bro: "So eventually all the girls would become stunning?"

Mum: "But then none of them would be particularly stunning because they all are."

Me: "So if a plain girl turns up, they would be more stunning than the stunning girls because the fact that the plain girl is not stunning, in a world where all girls are stunning, would mean that the plain girl is actually more stunning than the stunning girl. So all the stunning ones would be plain and the plain ones would be stunning."

  • silence*

Me: "...I'm gonna go write that down."

Tea is British,


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