romani and emiko are gonna be fucking gone

i give like  two shits about romani. shes basically weeb me but with orange hair. burn her in hell

i care a bit about emiko bc she was my fairy tail oc but argh fairy tail aint my style anymore so uh

chara that will replace romani is gonna be the god of flowers or some shit with flowers. idk we have like no male charas so yea boi. loosely based off an oc of mine so bleh. he gon be very grumpy so its still kinda romani just not the self insert shit and video games stuff. o and his name gon be minhyuk

chara replacing emiko????? no fucking idea like i have no idea whats shes gonna be like goddess of. all i kno she gon sleep a lot and be sleepy like 24/7.o and her gonna be celeste bc thats a cute name and i like it even if it doesnt match what shes goddess of or whateveer

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