oh my naga i made a tumblr Uhhh, hiii. June 9th, Animal Crossing New Leaf came out, and that's currently all I'm doing all day. Ahahahaha. Anyway, I got back from the Philippines, and I kinda miss my cousins a lot so like whenever I see something that reminds me of them I get all sad and stuff. ._. uh it's getting better but yeah school starts in about a week and I'm trying to play all the animal crossing I can and THEN PIKMIN 3 IS OUT SO MORE STUFF TO DO and ill try to go on here. I know I'm the founder and I should be on here more often but it just slips my mind a lot like ill be like 'oh ill go on BTG' and then ill pull up my browser and see my unfinished anime episode and be like oh god I gotta finish this and then I just keep going. Uh but yeah I'll try and stuff. Ill try harder. Cause the next Free iwatobi swimming club episode doesn't come out until Wednesday so maybe ill be on tomorrow? I really dun know maybe okay this is just a long thing of random okay bye

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