Random Stuff Rant

Personally, I dislike people who are like in their 30's and make youtube videos. But for SOME reason, I loooooove watching NCS, for all you people who don't know NCS, he is 35 and makes lp's(let's plays=walkthroughs), but I LOVE most of his videos. Also, I dislike Computernerd01 for a war between my bff and me. I dunno why, but he blogs and so does theDOMINICshow and Nigahiga. Do I like them? YES! ISN'T THAT WEIRD! FIREH, STOP COPYING WHAT I LIKE AND PRETENDING YOU ARE INTO AS MUCH AS ME. Secret World of Arrietty, in English? PLEASE KILL THE ACTORS, I THINK THEY DID HORRIBLE. Japanese? BEST. SO, WATCH THE JAPANESE VERSION. ANIMAL CROSSING 3DS, TIME GO FASTER!!!! Okay,so I heard about AC3DS, and looked up the date. It was summer when I saw the trailer in the NYC Nintendo Store. Coming in December GREAT. December comes...YAY!!! AC3DS, HERE I COME! Looks at date...JANUARY. January comes...I SHALL FINALLY HAVE AC3DS!!! Looks at date! MAY SECOND?! WTF!!!!!! WHY IS IT SO HARD TO FIND MUSIC FOR A CAVE!!!! AND WHY DOES THIS SOUND HAVE AN EVIL LOOKIN' TITLE BUT IT'S RELAXING?! More stuff coming soon.... need more ideas.

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