I Doubt If You're Gonna Read This...

Dear BTA,

Everyone, by now, must've heard about your disease, cancer. We all know that you're leaving because of it. Cancer is a powerful disease and anyone can die from it. Sadly, you have it yourself. But, we know that you're strong and will pull through and hopefully recover. We really do want you to stay. However, it's your life, not ours. Even I'd rather suffer it than hear you suffering yourself. Everyone has a problem in their life, and so does everyone in this wiki. Life isn't easy, but you can always try your best. BTA, you're truly inspiring. You really are. And that time when you caused an issue about you and Firey, it's about time the wiki have a problem. So, BTA, that's about it. Your username, BigTimeAwesomeness has a key word about you. Awesomeness. On behalf of all the wiki, farewell, and I'll truly miss you.


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