Hey users! Now, as many of you may know, at 2.20 thids morning it was exactly 100 years since The RMS Titanic sank. To commerate it being 100 years since the most famous ship ever to sail sank, I'm setting up projects around Wikia.

I have founded two new wikis, Titanic 100 Wiki and Titanic Fanfiction Wiki. Some of you have already joined Titanic 100 Wiki, which is a wiki about the real events that surrounded The Titanic disaster, and some of the factors which caused it to sink (I give credit to Bluey for the wiki's amazing design!). The other wiki is where you can write fanfics about The Titanic. For those of you who follow my fanfics, you will be pleased to hear that I will be writning a saga there about a boy and his experiences on the ship, from his boarding of the ship to it sinking, and his eventual surviving of the Titanic disaster.

I will also be writing a special fanfic about the Titanic on this wiki, which is based on a set of rolepays I did with Kog. It will feature Calan and Atsuko, and will be called 'God of the Sea'.

So, that's it for now. I hope to see on you on one of my new wikis soon. Dyno out.

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