Hey users! Dynovan here! So, this is my first blog post (Whoo hoo! :D), and I'm here to tell you about a new fanfic series I'm going to start work on soon. It's called 'The Epic Saga'. It's a series of fanfics featuring epic battles, showdowns and revelations. I'm hoping to use everyone's characters, if I can get everyone's permission. If you're okay with me using your characters let me know in comments.

To get everyone ready for the saga, I'm going to release a script extract from one of the episodes. Look below:

SPLAT! The pie hit the hooded figure right in the face.

"You see?" said Disco. "I win!"

"Oh really?" said the figure. " Rainus mayus valen crayus! Fire en vorl de!" A large crack appeared in the wall.

"Oh, lay it off, would you?" said Disco. "You'll damage the electrics!"

Let me know what you think in comments. And watch out - the saga's on its way! Dyno out.

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