Hey users! Happy Easter! Now, as you know, I haven't been on the wiki lately, but I ahave created many pages for fanfics to be written on. But I'm sorry to say that many of these planned fanfics have been discontinued - but some will be written, and some new fanfics will be written.

Firstly, The Epic Saga has been discontinued. I'm having a busy year at school, so I don't have time to write a saga of that scale. I apologise to all of you who were following the series. However, I can confirm that Vorlon and his army will appear in future fanfics. From the Heart, Be My Valentine, The Battle in the Dark Room and most of the unwritten fanfics have also been discontinued. Sorry guys. However, I can confirm that Yachi's Dilemma will be written, and will play a major part in Calan's story.

Now to the new fanfics. I can now confirm a new, three part (At the moment, there may be more installments added) saga called The SAN Saga, or the Sensau And Nejireta Saga. This saga will follow the story of Sensau and Nejireta, and the hardships they face. It will follow the Voice's attempts to teach Nej, and Sensau's attempts to make her a better person. It will follow their story as a couple, and will reveal more about the two characters. Vorlon will also make an appearance - but I will not tell you his role. You'll just have to find out!

So, that's all for now. Keep an eye out for these fanfics in the coming months. Dyno out.

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