This character is old and will probably never be used again, but is here for memories. Enjoy. Wanna see the really revamped version of Romani? Go to Minhyuk.


Romani is very kind, but yells at random people when she messes up on a game. She also gets frustrated with sidequest that are annoying and she fails to do it. Her favorite series is The Legend of Zelda, and her real name was Emily, but she told people to call her Romani. She also likes to read manga and watch anime. (this is based off on me :3) She doesn't really like the idea of love, so avoids it. (she's the goddess of VIDEO GAMES. WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU EXPECTING XDDDD)


Romani has orange hair.

Earth form:She wears a white shirt that she cut off the sleeves and puts them on still with black pants.

Fighting form:She wears a black dress and she wears armor. She is very aggressive in this form. The armor she wears is like a knight's armor, her dress can be cutten to pieces, and her armor will show and she has a lot of video game symbols on it. Her legs have some symbols, but not many. Most of them are hidden.


She is the Goddess of Video Games/gaming. Her weapon is a giant sword. She can make items(weapons, potions, etc) appear from video games. No one knows how she became Goddess of Video Games, but it is yet to be discovered.


Romani can transport her foes to a gaming world to fight.

She can control what happens in the video game battlefield.

Enhanced Durability:Romani can go on awhile in fighting, she can get hit many times and still fight. But, she'll slow down.

Enhanced Strength: She can use her sword to cut through almost everything. Her sword weighs about 20 pounds, she got stronger from training with her huge sword.

=== Immense Reflexes: She will hit someone from behind if she's keeping a look out, and probably knock them out. She can dodge most attacks. ===

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