• Rin disguising herself as a human
  • Fox form
  • Kitsune form
Name: Rin (means "dignified, severe, cold")

Species: Kitsune

About Rin: She is a black kitsune with seven tails. Because of this, she is extremely clever and skilled with magic (and she'd have to be, otherwise she'd find it extremely difficult to hide SEVEN tails when she's walking amongst humans). Rin doesn't like to see humans or walk among them, so she rarely comes into inhabited areas. However, whenever she does venture into cities with humans, there is usually a lot of trouble caused for people in these areas, because she tends to possess humans, haunt old houses (mostly mansions), and cause hallucinations by making strange and disturbing illusions. Not many people could beat her in battle, but she has a definite weakness against shrine maidens or people with similar excorcism abilities. Her signature magic is generally centred around smoke.

Personality: True to her name, she is extremely cold towards humans (and sometimes other kitsune if they annoy her) and has a calm, dignified aura about her. She has a contempt towards humans, mostly because she considers them stupid and unworthy of her attention. Since Rin can be very sharp with people, there aren't many people who are able to put up with her condescending nature (that last sentence kind of reminds me of Excalibur XD), meaning that she's kind of a loner. However, deep down under her severe personality, she is actually a nice person who wants a friend but isn't sure how to find one.


Smoke bomb: She can conjure coloured smoke from the air and uses it to cover her escape, should the situation arise

Smoke illusion: Creates a terrifying illusion of a monster forming from smoke. It is unable to do any real damage, seeing as it's merely an illusion, but it can be quite hard to breathe if it gets close

Imitation: She can take on the appearance of a specific person, but the closer that person gets the Rin, the more obvious it becomes that she's a kitsune (fox shadow becomes more obvious, tails become visible, etc.)

Fast recovery: If Rin gets close to a fire (or smoke, anyway), any wounds, physical or mental, will vanish at a rate faster than otherwise possible.

Curse: She can put a curse on someone about once a year, which varies depending on the situation, how ticked off she is, what the person has done, and how magically powerful the person is (if it is a god or goddess, absolutely nothing happens)

I might RP her sometimes. "I" being Kogata, obviously :3

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