Hey everyone! This is Akina with important news, as the title says, this is....


OK, we shall start!

  • Please, Please, PLEASE don't post pictures of you self! (Once you post a picture, it stays.)


After 2 warnings, you will get:

1.Kick-banned from wiki for 2 days.

  • NO INAPPROPRIATE PICTURES. As in, pics that have too much "stuff" showing. BE CAREFUL ON WHAT PICTURES YOU CHOOSE AND LOOK CLOSELY. Remember, younger kids may come on here, so beware of the pictures.


After 3 warnings, you will get:

1.Kick-banned from wiki for 3 weeks.(Depending how serious and what kind of pic.)

2.Too many inappropriate pictures, kick-banned for a month.(Again, depending how serious.)

  • NOT following an admin's orders on this.


After 2 warnings, you will get:

1 week kick-ban.

I'm sorry if I kinda harsh, but, you know, rules are rules.

REMEMBER: If the picture is not yours, PLEASE give credit to those who made it. It can be copyrighted, and it is wrong to not give credit.

☀I am Akira!☀Keep it short and sweet! 01:25, September 24, 2011 (UTC)

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