This is a fanfiction by Kogata. It is about The Chronophage and what it does and a few things that have happened to it during its lifetime.

Hi guys! Kogata here! So this will be a piece-by-piece fanfic. I'll publish a bit at a time, in the way Dyno does, rather than publish it all in one big chunk. I will try to add as much as I can though. ;) And I think I won't add music, there's just nothing that really fits. Add your own if you like! Anway, you shouldn't really trust my taste in music. I'd probably link Nyan Cat or something...

nothing yet! The reason for this is because I haven't got enough edits yet, but when I do, I will make a rp character that will be the main character in this series. So, until then, Out of Time is on hold.

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