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Minhyuk(민혁) is the god of flowers. His aura color is malachite.

History Edit

Minhyuk has always been around as a god. No one really worshiped him, but florists always prayed to him to keep their plants alive. When Laurel May first met him, she decided that he would be her new brother. Minhyuk didn't really want to, but the only way she was going to stop annoying him was to agree, so he did.

Personality Edit

Minhyuk doesn't really care about people. He'd rather be around flowers than people. He finds most people annoying or irritating, and is usually distant towards people. He will only be kind of nice if he finds someone interesting

Most of the time, Minhyuk is grumpy and snappish. When he's around flowers he won't be as grumpy, and he might even smile. Minhyuk is also very blunt, never sugarcoating anything, which is a good or bad thing depending on the person he's talking to.

Minhyuk can't read situations or faces well. He doesn't really know when it's okay to say something, but he says it anyway. He's a bit awkward due to this. A lot of people call him the emo florist, which annoys him a lot.

Appearance Edit

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Minhyuk has black hair with bangs that are a little past his eyes. He has pale skin, and his eyes are a bright green.

Minhyuk stands at 5'3, being on the shorter side. His shoulders are small as well. He has squishy cheeks, and doesn't like when people pinch them.

He usually wears sweaters most of the time, but during the summer he wears plain shirts and shorts. He wears a surgical mask because "the smell of people makes him sick". He has four piercings on his left ear and two on his right.

Abilities Edit

Minhyuk can revive flowers that have died, but it makes him tired. He can grow flowers whenever, and can even make flowers sprout from his fingertips. He can also change the color of flowers at ease.

He doesn't have a lot of powers that he can use in battle, but he is very good in hand to hand combat.

He plays guitar and also sings very well.

Relationships Edit

Laurel May: Laurel treats Minhyuk like a little brother. Minhyuk doesn't really like it, but he can't do anything about. Laurel also enjoys giving him noogies.

Celeste: Celeste likes Minhyuk, but he's completely oblivious to it. He thinks she's slightly annoying since she always stutters.