~Heyy! This is a fan fic writen by Firestar. It's about when Nike tells Luna it's him and Ayaka. The characters are Luna, Nike, and Ayaka. Enjoy~!

It was a beautiful morning when Luna woke up. She thought today would be a great day.

She got up, brushed her hair and got dressed.

She went out side to sit in a tree and read. (which was her favorite thing to do) But on the way she saw Nike.

"'s Nike..." She thought to her self. She walked up to him.

"H-hi Nike." she said.

"Hey Luna," Nike replied. "Meet me at my house to day at.... 2:45" He said.

"Ok." Luna replied

Later that day, Luna went to Nike's House.

She saw him.... With someone.... A girl. Luna began to worry...

"Hey Luna!" said Nike. "I want you to meet Ayaka."

"Who's she....???" asked Luna.

"Ayaka... is my girlfriend.." replied Nike.

"W-what...?" said Luna.

Luna had to get out of there. She had already become heart-broken. She couldn't get the sad, heart-broken feeling out of her.

When Luna got home, tears were falling down her cheek. She looked down to see she had a new form....... Her sad form....

She couldn't stop crying. She wondered, why hadn't Nike told me the before? That could've kept her from being heart-broken.

Later that day, Luna's door bell rang.

It was Nike.

Luna teleported to her room to avoide him.

Nike just teleported inside.

"Luna? Are you here? Luna?" said Nike.

Luna replied "No. im not here!"

Nike teleported to Luna.

"Luna i had no idea you liked me.... all these years.... feel so stupid...." said Nike.

"You're not stupid, Nike," replied Luna "I....I..... just really.... liked... you....."

"So i'm forgiven?" asked Nike.

"Yes..... Just....please always know im here if you become heart broken too. :)" said Luna.

As Nike was leaving, he had one last thing to say.

"I like your new form. :)"

Then, he left.

Luna started to think... "I'll find someone... I just have to wait for the right oppertunity...."

Thats it!!! I hope you liked it!!!