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Emma is an Egyptian Magician.



Emma is very calm. She is very smart and loves to read. She is very powerful and can trick anyone.

She can always tell is someone is lying or telling the truth. She can even trick god/deses.

She has one other form, a blue jay.


Emma wears a blue dress. Her eyes are blue too. She has long brown hair.In her hair she wears a pink and yellow sash. She always carries a staff with her to help her fight.


Emma is very good with magic. She knows many many spells. She is best w
Blue Jay-27527

Emma as a blue jay

ith fire and earth spells.

Her most famous spell is Fire Blase.

Fire Blase: A ribbon of fire appears around her and then ties up her foe. Once her foe is tied up, she has three options; One: Make the ribbons explode, Two: Seal them in a statue made of fire, Three: Turn them to a statue then set the statue on fire or just keep the statue, Or Four: Send them in to the Duat.

Emma NowEdit

Emma lives in a big 4 story house with a balcony. She grows many flowers and practices all of her spells there. In her back yard she has a small pond with many koi fish.


Blacky, can you add a theme to her please?



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