What do I think of you?

Hey guys! So, you've all seen Big Time's opinions page, and all of you are users on Jackie Wiki will have seen my opinions page there, but I'll explain anyway. This page is where I will put what I think of you all. Read on - there may be lols...

Is your name not on here? Then simply add your name, with a link to your userpage, and I'll do the rest.


Bluey - Bluey... EPIC! Bluey is epic and awesome, and is great fun to rp with.

Greeny - Funny and cool. Greeny is the founder of this epic wiki, and we all owe her a lot.

Firey - How do I put such an epic person into a few words? Um... EPAWESOME! Firey is epic and awesome, and like Bluey, great fun to rp with.

Big Time - Big Time is a laid back person who always looks at the bright side of things. He is a good friend to me, and a great contributor to this wiki.

Kogata - I know you now, Kogata! Kogata is a funny and laid back person.

Blackie - Mad, in every respect! But that's a good thing. Blackie is awesome.

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