Name: Daiyu (Meaning black jade)

Element: Soul/Spirit/Aura

Goddess of: Spirits and souls

Height: 5ft 8in

Main Weapon: Katana, broom

Family: Masami (Younger sister)

She runs a local Shinto shrine with her younger sister Masami.

She glows a Roman silver aura


Daiyu is a rather serious person and has the ability to communicated with souls, reincarnate a soul, look into one's soul, guide dead souls into the afterlife or reincarnation, look into their soul and see what race they are. She refuses to resurrect someone though, it is unknown if she can. When Masami goes into her Last Christmas mood in December, she often hits her with a broom to get her to stop.

Maybe masami uniform


Masami: Loves her like a sister, but wonders why's she so stupid.

Celeste: Wonders why and what an angel has come down here for.


She has hip-length soft black hair, cut with straight ends and bangs, with the side bangs being a little longer, and violet eyes. She wears a school uniform to blend in with society outside the shrine, which consists of a white long-sleeved button-up shirt under a blue blazer with black accents and buttons. She also wears a pleated light gray plaid skirt with opaque black leggins. While in the shrine, she wears typical miko clothes.

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