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Celeste is an angel.

History Edit

Celeste was sent to Earth by the archangels to see why there was more and more gods and goddesses coming to Earth. At the end of every week, she goes back up to Heaven to report how many gods there are and how many new ones have arrived.

Personality Edit

Celeste is a very nervous girl. She stutters a lot around strangers, but even around friends she still stutters a little bit. Getting mad at her doesn't help her stutter less. It just makes her stutter more. She is also very clumsy, tripping over her own feet at times.

Despite her nervousness, Celeste is very amiable and caring. She wants to help everyone in any way she can, but if she tries helping, she usually makes the situation worse.

Celeste is also very forgetful. She forgets to do tasks, and even forget what she is doing in the middle of something. Her nickname is Celly.

Appearance Edit

Stoop gurl in the naem of love

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Celeste has light brown brown hair that goes a little past her shoulders with side-swept bangs. Her eyes are hazel. She has peachy skin which sunburns easily. Her hair is usually worn down or in pigtails.

She is lanky, standing at 5'5. Her legs are a bit too long for comfort sometimes, which makes her trip over them more often than she would like. Celeste is usually seen wearing a sailor dress.

Abilities Edit

Being an angel, Celeste has the ability to fly, but she tires easily and cannot fly for long distances. She can also tell if someone is a god or not. Celeste isn't very good in battles. She usually gets scared and runs away. If she really does have to fight, she uses a bow and arrow the archangels gave her.

Relationships Edit

Minhyuk: While seeing how many gods were on Earth, Celeste ran into Minhyuk. She had a crush on him as soon as she saw him. Her stuttering becomes really bad around Minhyuk. She thinks he's really cool and admires him for it.

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